Minutes – Parish Council Meeting – 24 July, 2013



HELD ON THE 24th JULY, 2013


PRESENT:  Mrs R. Wood (in the Chair), Mr G. Davie, Mr D. Marchant,  Mrs C Beddoe, Mrs J. Mannering and Mr. J Blackman   

In attendance were District Councillor Thornton, the clerk and several members of the public.   

  1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – Mrs Lucy Harris and District Councillor Hogarth.
  2. DECLARATION OF INTEREST – there was none.
  3. MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON 26th June, 2013 – the Minutes were accepted as an accurate record and were so acknowledged by the signature of the Chairman.


(1)  News of Tennis Court Redevelopment  

The clerk advised that there were no developments to report.  Mr Davies read out to the Parish Council the letter of objection that he had personally submitted to KCC.  There was general concern amongst members about the lack of progress with respect to this redevelopment and it was agreed that the clerk should bring the Parish Council’s concerns to the attention of our County Councillor, Mr Nick Chard.  The clerk agreed to inform Mr Chard.  

(2)  News on the Methodist Church  

The clerk advised that there had been no developments since the Parish Council submitted their revised purchase offer.  The Chairman reminded the members that a revised  offer of £65,000, plus a £1,000 contribution towards the Methodist Church’s legal costs had been submitted.  

(3)  The Allotments

The clerk and Mrs Mannering reported on the recent meeting held with the Allotment Association Committee.   This meeting had been held to bring to the Committee’s attention the concerns raised by numerous allotment holders to the Parish Council over the lack of consultation by the Committee in respect of recent decisions made by the Committee.       

The Committee refused to accept that there was any fault in their conduct and after some heated discussions the members of the Parish Council (Mrs Mannering, Mrs Beddoe, the clerk and Mr Jim Hawkins, a former member of the Committee) were asked to leave the meeting with no constructive decisions being made on any of the outstanding issues.

(4)  Big Community Fund Application

District Councillor Thornton advised the Parish Council that the grant funding for the finger post road sign had been approved and that the Parish Council would be formally advised in due course  The Parish Council expressed their pleasure at this decision.  The Chairman reminded the members that   

the grant funding amounted to £1,315 with further contributions to the project being made by County Councillor Chard of £750 and £300 from the Parish Council.    


Invitation to Allotments Open Day – Sunday 4th August  circulated for information

6.      PLANNING


The Meeting was adjourned at 8.15 p.m.


The Meeting resumed at 8.30 p.m.


As a result of a question raised during Public Question Time the Chairman agreed to request from SDC an update (one of many requested) with respect to the application for Conservation status for the Green and the surrounding buildings.

Mrs Mannering brought to the attention the long standing damage to one piece of equipment in the play area within the Memorial Hall Field.  The clerk advised that he was in urgent correspondence with the contractor (Monster Play) to have this damaged equipment replaced as soon as possible. 

Mr Blackman requested that the grass around the perimeter of the tennis courts be strimmed back.  The clerk agreed to instruct the contractor accordingly.

Mr Davie enquired if a response had been received  from Kent Highways re. bollards being erected on road fringes owned by Kent Highways.  The clerk confirmed that he had and that Kent Highways confirmed that the erection of wooden, metal or rock bollards are not allowed on Kent Highways land without permission and should be removed.  The clerk advised that he would bring this condition to the attention of residents within the Village who have erected bollards of this type.   



001442                   SDC                                 £132.60

001443                   Monster Play                      £984.00

001444                   Weald Memorial Hall            £28.50

001445                   N E Spurr                          £350.00

001446                   N E Spurr                          £772.38

001447                   KCC                                 £862.93

The meeting closed at 9.15 p.m.